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1. Name: Diana
2. Age: 20
3. University/College: Penn State University @ University Park
4. Is this your first time to do the program?: Yes. So nervous!
5. What Disney theme parks have you been to?: Disney World and Disneyland in California and Tokyo. (goal for next year: Disneyland France!)
6. Favourite Disney ride?: Rockin' Roller Coaster & Space Mountain
7. Favourite Disney movie?: Beauty & the Beast, Mary Poppins
8. Favourite Disney Character?: Belle, Lumiere, Hugo *Gargoyle from Hunchback*, Mary Poppins
9. If you already know your role (i.e.: Operations, Hospitality, etc), what is yours?: Merchandise
1o. If you already know, what is your arrival date?: January 23rd
11. Tell us something about yourself that you find interesting or that you just want us to know!: I am from Taipei, Taiwan but I lived in Seattle, Washington until I was 9. I went to Taipei American School so I have no asian accent to my English, thank you very much! I just got my acceptance package this morning. Very excited!
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