Astranyx (astranyx) wrote in wdwcpspring2008,

Finally recieved a white packet

1. Name: Ashley
2. Age: 23
3. University/College: University of North Alabama
4. Is this your first time to do the program?: Nope. Did my first program Spring of 2004 (worked Attractions at the Tower of Terror)
5. What Disney theme parks have you been to?: Disney World and Disneyland
6. Favourite Disney ride?: Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, Pirates
7. Favourite Disney movie?: Alice in Wonderland, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules
8. Favourite Disney Character?: Alice, Esmeralda, Megara, Aurora
9. If you already know your role (i.e.: Operations, Hospitality, etc), what is yours?: Character Performer - Friend of Pluto
1o. If you already know, what is your arrival date?: Right now it is January 16 but I'm seeing if I can get it changed because a friend and I are suspose to be traveling together
11. Tell us something about yourself that you find interesting or that you just want us to know!: I have made outfits and protrayed several Disney Characters for Conventions. The characters I have been are Alice, Belle (blue dress), Esmeralda, Princess Kida (Atlantis), Jane (Tarzan), and soon to be both Belle (Yellow gown) and Cruella.
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