Lilly (lilland) wrote in wdwcpspring2008,

I just got my e-mail today!

1. Name: Lil
2. Age: 22
3. University/College: UNCG
4. Is this your first time to do the program?: yes
5. What Disney theme parks have you been to?: all the ones in the US
6. Favourite Disney ride?: It's been to long since I've been
7. Favourite Disney movie?: Lady and the Tramp
8. Favourite Disney Character?: Daisy Duck
9. If you already know your role (i.e.: Operations, Hospitality, etc), what is yours?: Character Performer
1o. If you already know, what is your arrival date?: Don't know yet
11. Tell us something about yourself that you find interesting or that you just want us to know!: When I was 4 I made my Dad ride it's a small world about 20 times in a row!  He says he will never ride it again.
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