Lilly (lilland) wrote in wdwcpspring2008,

I just got my e-mail today!

1. Name: Lil
2. Age: 22
3. University/College: UNCG
4. Is this your first time to do the program?: yes
5. What Disney theme parks have you been to?: all the ones in the US
6. Favourite Disney ride?: It's been to long since I've been
7. Favourite Disney movie?: Lady and the Tramp
8. Favourite Disney Character?: Daisy Duck
9. If you already know your role (i.e.: Operations, Hospitality, etc), what is yours?: Character Performer
1o. If you already know, what is your arrival date?: Don't know yet
11. Tell us something about yourself that you find interesting or that you just want us to know!: When I was 4 I made my Dad ride it's a small world about 20 times in a row!  He says he will never ride it again.
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I have a question. When you were told that your role would be a character performer did you recieve an e-mail saying that you had made it after your auditions or did a packet arrive to you after auditions?
I got an e-mail that told me congratulations you passed the audition and said I would be invited to be a character performer. I have not gotten my packet yet but the e-mail said it would arrive in a week or two.
Oh ok. I was just wondering because it's been over the timeframe from my character audition and I havn't recieved an e-mail yet with my results. Everyone else that I have talked to who went to the same audition as I have recieved word. Thank you so much for answering my question!
Where and when did you audition?

At our audition they said it would take at least 2 weeks but I ended up getting my e-mail in 4 days. I'm not holding my breath that the packet will come as fast.
I audition at the Atlanta Auditions on Oct. 26. The people who were at the audition told me it would be a week, so did Sharon. I probably wouldn't be as worried if other people have not heard back yet, but as of now I'm the only one from my group who went to the auditions who havn't heard anything back.
Lil, congratulations!!! I'm not going down to the program until next semester (fall 08), but I'm hanging around now to sort of get ready for the experience. I'm hoping for character performer, too. Would you be willing to tell me about the whole application/audition experience?

Thanks a lot!!
~ Nikki
I would be happy to tell you about it! :)
Great!! Can you tell me about how the audition process?